Monthly Archives: January 2012

ClojureScript One

Video explaining the ClojureScript One demo app. See how ClojureScript works for making web apps, including a demonstration of a ClojureScript REPL for rapid development.

The website for ClojureScript One is here:

This is a great starter example that you can clone and customize for your own app.


Enfocus for ClojureScript

Enfocus is a dom manipulation library for ClojureScript. Originally inspired by Christophe Grand’s clojure based Enlive, it has evolved into a cross browser tool for building rich UIs.

It supports all of the Enlive based transformations along with many more transformations geared towards managing live dom features, such as events and effects.

Demo Site:

carbonite for Clojure serialization 

Ever needed to freeze your Clojure data in perfect hibernation? Ever want to deserialize your data without concealing yourself as a bounty hunter in Jabba’s desert palace?

Carbonite is a Clojure library to convert Clojure data to serialized form and back using the Kryo serialization library. Kryo is known for being fast and producing very small serializations.

Using JavaScript libraries in ClojureScript

ClojureScript is also fully capable of interoperation with libraries written in its own host language, JavaScript. Unfortunately, this capability isn’t as well-known or frequently used, mostly because ClojureScript leverages the powerful Google Closure Compiler which adds extra complexity to the compilation process.